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A Teaching Remembered

 After showing this to people recently, I decided that it's time to make it public. and to open it up to comments.  Be free to respond.  I also intend to write more on the subject as time allows.   Forward to The Incredible Journey, by Phil Morse   1968 A friend and teacher had the best description for my class at the Boston Museum School and what distinguished us in particular. “You were all looking for something,” he told me. Given the year, you know it would have to have been some way to blow your mind. A list of the consciousness raising experiments of a scattered twenty-three-year-old is not important here, except to say that they led me, ultimately, to the waiting room of one Marvin Solit, DO, an exponent of “body awareness”.  In the group sessions that Marvin led I met a man who told me, “I think I can help you.”  That man, Arthur Bryant, Bud to his friends, I have known for forty years. For me personally, and undoubtedly for most of my generation, the central issue was most
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Mensola Tzeno

This is my first chance to work with an old friend, Designer Ezio Colombrino, on a project that we hope to take to market in the USA.  Ezio works in Naples, Italy and markets his designs in Europe through his website He recently received a request for this piece by a person in Montreal. We tried to find someone here in the US to cut it on a CNC machine, but getting a prototype made turned out to be a fools errand. This is what it looks like on his site: I took a closer look at the parts and decided I could cut them myself, so...the fool is me.  Ezio asked me to document the process and that will happen on this page, beginning with step number one: preparing the drawings. I received a set the other day and discovered the first problem. The design was supposed to be 130 cm in length and it turned out to be 130".  Not a problem, really because I had planned to scale it down to 122 cm, or 48" at the customer's request.  I adjusted the scal